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Feb 14, 2024

What to Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Off

Here Is What to When You Are Missing a Crown

A crown falling off isn’t going to be the highlight of anyone’s day, but it does happen. So, what is the plan when it does? If your dental crown decides to go rogue, here are a few things you can do other than panic.

Retrieve the Crown

It might have made its exit, but that little crown is still pretty valuable, so you definitely want to do your best to locate it. If you can find it, that’s great! If not, it can certainly complicate things a bit more.

Inspect Your Tooth

Now, look your tooth over. Are you feeling any sensitivity? Is there any debris stuck to it? If so, rinse your mouth gently with some warm water. A toothbrush can also be helpful here but brush lightly and delicately so you don’t anger the tooth anymore than it may already be.

Assess the Situation

Did you find the crown? Has it been damaged in any way? If it is still in one piece and it came out cleanly, there’s a good chance your cosmetic dentist may be able to salvage it. If not, it isn’t the end of the world. We have a Cerec machine in the office that can manufacture crowns same day, so you won’t have to wait long or deal with multiple appointments.

Find a Temporary Fix

If you have some kind of dental adhesive or temporary cement, you can try placing the crown back onto your tooth. Just make sure it’s facing the right way. Bite down gently until it’s in place. This is really only a last-ditch effort if you can’t get into the dentist right away. The best course of action as soon as you realize you’re missing your crown is to get into your Logan dental office as soon as possible.

Avoid DIY Mishaps

No super glue! While it might seem like a brilliant idea at the moment, it really isn’t. Leave the heavy-duty adhesives to the professionals, or you can risk further complications and damage.

Schedule an Appointment

Regardless of any temporary fix you may have found, you want to call your dentist Logan Utah, as soon as possible. They will be able to best assess the situation, reattach the crown properly, and discuss your next steps.

Remember, losing a crown isn’t the end of the world (or your tooth). It is simply a hiccup that can fixed with a bit of help from your friendly Logan dentist. So, chin up!

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