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Same Day Crowns

Gone are the days of having more than one appointment.

Another Reason to Get Excited About Logan Peak Dental

So what is a crown anyway, and why is it so cool to have a crown done in one day?  Well, a crown is like a hat or cap that fits over the top of a tooth that has been damaged or is in need of additional stability.  The dentist usually removes some of the outside and top of the tooth to make room for the crown.  In other dentist’s office’s a messy, gross tasting, impression is taken of the prepared tooth and the impression is sent to a lab to make your tooth.  In the mean time, a temporary crown is made out of a plastic-y material and an appointment is scheduled for TWO WEEKS later to glue the crown on.  Temporary crowns are notorious for coming off when it is least convenient and it usually requires a trip back to the dentist to get it put back on.

Your Crown can be ready in just under 2 hours

At Logan Peak Dental, we believe in doing things a little differently.  As soon as the Doctor is finished preparing the tooth for the crown he takes a scan of the preparation with a special camera that renders a digital model on a computer.  Once he has your tooth on the computer the crown is designed to fit perfectly in your mouth.  Once the crown is designed, a digital porcelain mill creates your tooth out of a block of solid porcelain. The whole process from beginning to end takes only an hour and a half to two hours and you walk out of the office with the tooth that will be a part of you for years to come.  Pretty cool, right? We thought you’d think so.

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