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Say Hello to the Logan Peak Savings Plans.


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 Free Consultations
 No Pre-Authorization Requirements
 No Yearly Maximums
 No Deductibles
 No Claim Forms

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Why did we create our own Savings Plans?

Over the years it has been clear to us that many of our patients don’t often have access to dental insurance and those who do aren’t satisfied with the many limitations those plans include. As the old ways of dental insurance are moving to the past, we are excited to introduce our very own in-house savings plans designed to help bring your dental costs down to affordably meet all the dental needs of both you and your family.

Here's What's Covered on EVERY PLAN

All Logan Peak Savings Plans are designed to provide great access to quality dental care. With savings upwards of $600 in preventative services alone, here’s what you can expect to be included with each plan:

Diagnostic Services
2 Routine Exams
every 6 months with associated x-rays
1 Problem Focused Exam
With associated X-ray
1 Full Set of X-Rays or Panorex
Every 3 years
Preventative Services
2 Cleanings
every 6 months
2 Flouride Treatments
Every 6 months
Upon diagnosis to prevent tooth decay
All plans include FREE lifetime whitening (do a happy dance!)

Plan Comparisons

All Plans include diagnostic & preventative services listed above.


Includes Diagnostic & Preventative Services


Monthly Per Member


Includes Diagnostic & Preventative Services


Monthly Per Member

15% Off

All other recommended treatments


Includes Diagnostic & Preventative Services


Monthly Per Member

20% Off

All other recommended treatments

Sign up 4 or more members and recieve a $5 discount monthly per member

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