Careers at Logan Peak Dental

Our practice provides dental services to adults and children in the Cache Valley area. Over the past several years, Logan Peak Dental has grown and thrived. This growth has created the demand for expanded full- and part-time staff. We are seeking individuals who are well presented and have excellent anticipation, attention to detail, multi-tasking and communication skills. Fluency in Spanish is highly beneficial. We are looking for someone who has a proven track record of being reliable and energetic, exhibiting common sense, and making a difference in the lives of others. The person we are seeking must have confidence and bring solutions to problems that may arise while being an advocate for our office. We will train a talented person. As the company grows, a management opportunity may open.

If you are merely looking for a job, please do not waste your time or ours. We are looking for someone who is excited to kick-start or continue their career! If you think you are a good fit, fill out the application below. To allow us to better know you, consider sending a short video introducing yourself.

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Learn more about our current positions:

Registered Dental Hygienist

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Responsibilities consist of regular hygienist tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Exposing X-rays
  • Providing both prophylaxis and periodontal services
  • Administering local anesthetic
  • Administering adjective therapies
  • Preparing treatment plans
  • Performing patient education and being an advocate for our office

Dental Assistant

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Responsibilities consist of normal dental assistant tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing both the room and patient for treatment
  • Taking X-rays
  • Instrument processing and sterilization
  • Assisting our dentist during treatment using proper techniques
  • Clinical notation
  • Completing standard laboratory duties
  • Daily stocking of dental supplies
  • Completing daily closing tasks

Front Desk Associate

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Responsibilities consist of normal front desk tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Answering phones with proper etiquette
  • Submitting dental claims
  • Filing patient-specific documents
  • Preparing and presenting treatment plans
  • Preparing estimated patient portions
  • Collecting and applying payments
  • Managing the office schedule

Marketing Director

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Responsibilities include oversight and management of all marketing efforts of the practice, such as:

  • Managing brand and image
  • Growing our patient base through effective marketing programs for existing patients and new markets
  • Managing online patient reviews and testimonials and encouraging feedback
  • Managing our website and social media accounts
  • Writing unique and creative material for various marketing campaigns, including company blog and social media
  • Proactively maintaining and updating all brand and marketing materials
  • Tracking and reporting marketing statistics and progress
  • Representing the company at various community events
  • Planning and executing patient appreciation events and giveaways