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Lifetime Whitening


The Lifetime Whitening program offered by Logan Peak Dental is over a $300 value; however, as one of our patients, we're offering a one-time fee of only $49. Some of the Advantages of whitening your teeth are: boosts self-confidence, is very affordable, takes away from other flaws, and has no harmful side effects. Look and feel younger with a brighter, whiter smile!

Only $49

(One-Time Fee)


No Insurance?


We make it easy to stay on top of your oral care.  Your out of pocket expense for your exam, cleaning and x-rays starts at just $69*!  We offer this for one fundamental reason; we don’t want anything to stand in the way of you receiving the care that you need.  We would much rather you invest your money in addressing problems in your mouth than on your cleaning appointments.


Only $69*

(Exams, Cleanings, & X-rays)


*Pretty fantastic deals…right?  What’s the catch you say?  Well, although there is a bit of “fine print”, we like to think of it more like an agreement between you and us.  Our part is to fix your teeth and offer you these sweet deals and your part is to take care of your teeth.  So, if you schedule and keep your 6 month appointments and you get the work done that Dr. Gordon says you need to keep your teeth healthy, you get to enjoy these fantastic deals.

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